Veteran’s & Welfare Support

The Welfare Department at Bentleigh RSL has developed a wide range of services and resources to support members, their families and the broader community. We are committed to the welfare of veterans and widows ensuring that the best possible assistance is provided whether they are in their own homes or residential aged care facilities.

Welfare assistance can take a variety of forms, such as monetary payments, subsidies and vouchers, or housing assistance. Welfare is commonly provided to individuals who are unemployed, those with illness or disability, the elderly, to those with dependent children, and veterans. A person's eligibility for welfare may be constrained by means testing or other conditions.

The Welfare Department has a 7 seater KIA Carnival car to be used for the Veterans, war widows and members. The vehicle is being used for home and hospital visiting and assisting with appointments.

We pride ourselves on assisting our members to live at home as independently as possible with all the resources available. Many people are unaware of the services they can access or are entitled to. We offer a simple home visit or a phone call to start the process of how we can assist you.

Welfare Hospital/Home Visits and Aged Care Support
  • Our Welfare Department will assist with your needs to maintain living independently in the community and support you whilst you are in hospital to maintain the relationship with the RSL
  • Weekly telephone support calls
  • Weekly home support visits
  • Liaising with extended family members/carers as required
  • Support members in aged care facilities in the local area
  • Support and assist during times of bereavement
  • Financial support in necessitous circumstances.
  • Small maintenance jobs and gardening is available to veterans and war widows.
  • Student Community Service programs & Holiday Camps
Aged Care and Community Visiting
If you have gone into hospital, have moved into an aged care facility or live alone, we can arrange one of our community visitors or the Aged Care Support Officer to visit you.
Pensions/Entitlements Support
  • Disability Pensions VEA, MRCA and SRCA
  • War Widow Pensions
  • Reviews and increases
  • Please note our office is manned by volunteers and are ATDP Trained & Accredited. All appointments are arranged only via the Welfare Coordinator. The Pension Advocate covers disability pensions, compensation payments, associated allowances, income support payments and treatment available to entitled veterans and former serving members of the Defence Forces and their dependants.

    Terry Hogan can assist with increases in your current pension, a review or a war widow claim.

    Terry is up to date on all the Department of Veterans Affairs changes and treats each application with confidentiality and privacy.

    Please remember that The Department of Veterans Affairs will not increase your pension without the veteran putting a claim in. Even if you have made a claim and was rejected it is worth trying again as circumstances change.

    Pensions are by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all appointments are made through Sylvia Lindsay, Welfare Coordinator on 9557 4547 or email

    Placement Referrals
    We provide information on how to access aged care placements, respite entitlements, home care services and packages available to you within the home. For more information about Aged Care Facilities, health information and support within the home contact: Sylvia Lindsay Welfare Coordinator on 9557 4547 or or Tammy Gardner Aged Care Support on 9583 1775 or
    Exercise Programs
    (Conducted by Pace Health Management). The aim of the exercise programs is to improve muscle strength, balance, flexibility and functioning in daily activities with reduced risk of falls. This program is only available at the Bentleigh campus and you must complete the relevant documentation prior to commencing classes.
    Keysafe Program
    The Key Safe is available to veterans and members over 80 who feel they need the security of this device. The Safe is installed and locked at the front of the home with a personalised PIN number and it can only be opened using a PIN number that will only be known by the member, next of kin, Ambulance, Police or Fire Brigade. In the case of an emergency, the emergency services will obtain the key from the key safe to gain access to the home without them having to break in and cause damage to your property. The Key Safe can also be used if you accidentally lock yourself out of the house or a family member needs to access your home in an emergency.
    Smoke Detector Battery Change
    Your smoke detector batteries can be changed annually by our police checked volunteers. Your old smoke detector can also be replaced if required.
    Any Service, Affiliate Members or Women’s Auxiliary Members are entitled to an RSL Funeral Service.
    Friendship Program
    A veteran or member who can no longer get to the RSL on their own or would like to share a meal with others, a volunteer can pick you up and bring you in for lunch on the last Tuesday of every month.
    Home Maintenance
    We offer minor repairs such as replacing light bulbs or fixing leaking taps.
    Taxi Vouchers
    Vouchers are for Veterans and war widows who need to get to medical appointments and are unable to use public transport.
    Seniors and New Information Technology 1:1 private lessons to help you with your laptop, mobile phone, iPad or anything technological you may want to learn. Classes are held on the third Wednesday at Bentleigh. If you would like to take part in the classes, contact S.A.N.I.T.Y. on 1300 569 832 Please do not call the RSL to make a booking.
    Social Groups
    Both Campuses offer either a day club or coffee club to socially interact with other people.
    Lawn Mowing and Gardening
    Lawn mowing is only available to veterans who can no longer attend to their own lawns. Please ask family members if they can help you first before contacting the RSL. Please note: We do not offer a weeding service.
    We can assist you with grocery and personal shopping if required providing you meet the criteria.
    BENTLEIGH RSL Social Group
    Meet on the 4th Thursday of each month at 1pm. All members welcome to attend and take part in events such as guest speakers, live entertainment and trivia days.
    Appeals and Commemorative Services
    • ANZAC Day
    • Remembrance Day
    • Legacy

    Contact Sylvia - Welfare Coordinator

    Phone 9557 4547


    Welfare department operates Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9.00am to 4.00pm

    Medical Aids
    We stock a variety of mobility aids available to try or borrow for temporary use only. I recommend consulting your doctor prior to using any mobility aids.
    Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and has an up-to-date range of books and DVDs for members to borrow.

    Contact Sylvia - Welfare Coordinator

    Phone (03) 9557 4547


    Welfare department operates Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm

    Courtesy Car

    The Welfare Department has a 7 seater KIA Carnival car to be used for the Veterans, war widows and members. The vehicle is being for used home and hospital visiting and assisting with appointments.